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30 things to do before reaching 30

Being under 30, personally, there are so many things I've always wanted to do but haven't. Many risks which I could have taken but didn't. I do have a while to go before turning 30 so I still have time to do some things I've always wanted to do.

I'm putting this list together hoping that it will inspire you in a positive manner. Also, some of the things on the list I have done, bet you can't tell which ones.

If you are in your 30s and want to make a list for 40 things to do before 40, let me know.

Here we go:
-Finish a degree (AA, BA, BS, whatever, just finish something)

-Choose a career field (something that can pay the bills)

-Move out of your parents' home (they want you out)

-Travel to a foreign country you've never heard of (or one which you can't pronounce its name)

-Learn to say good morning in 10 different languages (Bonjour)

-Pay off one credit card in full (start taking charge of your finances now)

-Learn how to play an instrument (Banjo sounds good)

-Date someone who you would consider out of your league (walk up to the hottest guy in the room and ask him out, what's the worst that can happen?)

-Date someone much older or much younger (have fun) , use swingerdating

-Learn how to properly mix your favorite cocktails (will come in handy)

-Wait tables (that will teach you how to tip)

-Audition for something (anything)

-Get a feature in the local newspaper (be an attention whore for once)

-If you are a woman, kiss a girl (heck, we've all done it in college)

-If you are a woman, shave your head (it teaches you not to be so vain)

-Fake an orgasm (you've probably already done it)

-Have a one night stand while in a foreign country (no strings attached)

-Skip work to go to the beach/mall/spa (once)

-Crash a party/event/wedding (you might get kicked out but it's totally worth it)

Get in touch with a long-lost friend (catching up is fun)

-Take a last minute vacation (rent a convertible right now and drive to Atlantic City)

-Do a charity walk (give back)

-Get a piercing (very sexy on a private body part, not on your back) or get tattoo

-Have a booty call (one comes in handy in-between relationships)

-Have sex in your boss' office (preferably with a co-worker)

-If you are a man, pay for sex (once)

-If you are a man, have a suit custom made (looking sharp is important)

-Gamble a large sum of money on something (once, you never know you might win big)

-Get an HIV test ( yearly is ideal but seriously, know your status)

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